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  • Cinque Terre lemons - 2 kg

    A symbol, present in the Cinque Terre territory since the seventeenth century. In Riomaggiore, lemons have found a favorable soil and climate, which allows cultivation overlooking the sea without the use of chemical additives.Their inebriating scent and bright yellow color embellish the terraces overlooking the sea, in a fantastic contrast of colors...

    7,90 €
  • Violet Asparagus (Slow Food Presidium), 500 gr

    Violet asparagus stands out for its intense purple color and its tender and almost buttery consistency, which make it one of the most sought after ingredients in the kitchen. Its delicacy is the real protagonist.The best way to enjoy it? Freshly boiled and dipped in Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil it is out of this world.

    16,50 €
  • Trombetta courgettes, 1 kg

    With their sweet and delicate pulp, trumpet courgettes have a special place in Ligurian cuisine. They are a valuable variety of courgettes also because they are more compact and less watery than the classic ones. The flavor of these courgettes is far superior to common ones and gives every dish an extra touch. Ideal for cooking with fish.

    14,50 €
  • Genoese Pesto

    Ligurian specialties

    Genoese Pesto
    To date, Pesto is the second most used sauce in the world to season pasta, and the third by diffusion of production.The origin of Genoese pesto dates back a long way and...
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