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Corochinato "Asinello" wine, 1 L. - Genoese aperitif


Inevitable with fugassa!
Typical Genoese aperitif to be served cold and smooth with just a slice of lemon in the glass or as a vermouth as a base for cocktails.
Aromatic and authentic flavour.

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The Corochinato "Asinello" wine is the true Genoese aperitif, a cool glass accompanied with a nice bit of focaccia and you have started the evening in style.
The flavor is typical, aromatic of a mix of natural herbs and spices - from absinthe to thyme - with an infusion of cinchona calissaia which gives it its name. The "Coro" instead derives from the locality of Coronata - in Genoa - where our local white wine is born.
The dry and dry flavour, with a marked bitter note which also makes it perfect to serve as a digestive wine.
As already mentioned, the Corochinato wine can be drunk chilled with a slice of lemon but the Asinello aperitif can also be used in many cocktails and used as a vermouth wine: it is a classic with sparkling wine, soda water and orange for a Genoese spritz!
White wine, sugar, herbal infusion, alcohol and natural flavourings.
Contains sulfites.
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