Raw Salami of Sassello - 600 gr


The raw salami made by Angelo Giacobbe's butcher shop has an inimitable and decisive aroma, typical of cured meats produced in the Sassello area.

Product included in the National List of Traditional Agri-Food Products and in the Regional Atlas of Traditional Products of Liguria.

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This raw salami is processed according to the Sassellese tradition: a mixture made up of eighty percent lean meat, which is stuffed into pig casings and then aged for a few months.

The raw salami of the Macelleria Salumeria Giacobe is mixed with whole peppercorns, Cervia and Barbera salt. The blend of spices and the careful seasoning (which varies according to the specific characteristics of the individual productions from one month to a maximum of eight months) give this sausage a unique taste.

Sassello is a small town (about two thousand inhabitants) in the province of Savona, in western Liguria. Surrounded by thick vegetation, in fact known for mushroom picking, Sassello is very attached to nature and the territory. The Salumificio Macelleria Giacobbe is one of the major attractions in this place, thanks to the indisputable quality of the meats and cured meats produced.
Ingredients: selected pork, pepper, Cervia salt, Barbera wine.
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