Pork neck - 1.2 kg


Excellent pork neck, you recognize the merit of the selection of meat and the beneficial influence of microclimate, where you get an optimal maturation.

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Are crucial for the purposes of the peculiarity of the finished product the environmental factors of production area, where prevailing valleys filled with water, and mountain areas to forest vegetation which directly impact on the climate. The processing takes place through the use of cervical muscle within 24 hours of slaughter. For salted using sodium chloride, potassium nitrate, pepper, herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves, Bay leaves and sugar. The cuts so deck rest for 7 days in the refrigerator, after which they are massaged and coated with the diaphragm wall of the pig and then tied with string. Are charged to the housing of the holes in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles, drying period duration of one week at room temperature ranging from 17 to 20 degrees. Seasoning, however, requires a slightly lower temperature around 13, 14 degrees and must last at least six months, after which the meat will weigh about a pound and a half. Cutting the Cup has a bright red, compact, with a fat streak pinkish white and the taste is sweet and delicate.

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