Castiglione Chiavarese Salami - 550 gr


The Salame di Castiglione Chiavarese from the Antico Salumificio Castiglione is made up of cuts of meat from pure Italian pork. Authenticity is guaranteed by the ancient recipes that are still handed down from generation to generation.

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The true flavors of the Ligurian hinterland resulting from the artisanal processing of local meats with a recipe handed down from father to son.

Its natural aroma gives character to this cured meat which is composed only of carefully selected cuts trimmed with a knife tip, then stuffed into natural casings and tied by hand.

The Antico Salumificio Castiglione is located in Castiglione Chiavarese (GE), and has been managed by the same family since 1904: with the techniques of the past, still today, the cured meats are produced by hand following the typical recipes of the Ligurian hinterland handed down from the father in son.

Lactose and gluten free and allergens.

Pork, salt, flavourings, spices, dextrose, preservative: E250, E251.

Via Canzio, 64A - Castiglione Chiavarese (GE)
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