Fresh walnuts sauce - 300 gr


The Prince for seasoning Pansoti, excellent for all stuffed pasta with vegetables.

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The walnut sauce, together with the Genoese pesto, is an authentic standard-bearer of Ligurian cuisine in the world, so much so that it has become a typical agri-food product (PAT).

It is best known for its creaminess and incredible taste. The ideal combination is with fresh pasta filled with vegetables, in particular with pansoti, typical lean ravioli stuffed with herbs or spinach with a particular shape.
A tip: we Genoese like very thick sauces but if you think it's too thick you can add a spoonful of the pasta cooking water. And absolutely never cook this sauce, always use it raw.

Gourmet use: combined with roasted turkey breast or cooked ham, it can be used in canapés or delicious mini sandwiches.

BUTTER, CHOPPED NUTS (30%), garlic, MILK, olive oil, salt, nutmeg, marjoram, GRANA CHEESE.

Keep in the fridge.
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