Dry Genoese Focaccia, 200 gr - 2 packs



Fragrant and freshly out of the oven, the dry Genoese focaccia will immediately conquer your palate. A high quality artisan product, born from the skilled hands of a Genoese bakery. Wherever you are, you will feel like you are in Genoa in its "caruggi". It's love at first bite.

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Genoese dry focaccia is a fascinating and tasty variant of the traditional focaccia.
However, the main difference lies in the preparation process and cooking. The dry focaccia is spread thinly on a baking sheet and left to rise for a short time. During cooking, the abundant olive oil on the surface helps to give the focaccia that golden and crunchy crust that makes it unique.

How to taste it

It is the ideal protagonist to use in aperitifs. Its crunchy texture also makes it perfect to be "dipped" in milk like a real Genoese. It was often taken out to sea by fishermen as travel food due to its durability and strength. Today, it is still valued for its authenticity and unique flavor.


Type “00” soft wheat flour, water, lard, extra virgin olive oil, barley malt extract, yeast.
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