Preserve of petals of roses, 240 gr - Antica Confetteria Romanengo



Still called by the ancient name of Rose Sugar, the rose petal preserves all the scent and taste of fresh rose petals.

Made following an ancient Genoese recipe of the seventeenth century, the Romanengo rose preserve is composed exclusively of sugar and fresh rose petals. In fact, it’s not exactly jam or compote.

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It was consumed in Genoa for the medical virtues attributed to it above all by ancient Arab doctors. Even today, despite the greater knowledge we enjoy, the rose has ancient virtues. It is consumed directly or as a sweetener like honey, or as a sauce for cheeses.

The Pietro Romanengo confectionery still uses fresh fruit and the production cycle follows the evolution of natural maturation according to the alternation of the seasons. Every year, between May and September, the factory is filled with flowers and perfumes. With ripe fruit and petals, Bottega della Frutta e dei Fiori Romanengo 1780 produces, in addition to candied fruit: jams, jellies and syrups following the dictates of ancient recipes.
Sugar, fresh rose petals (17%), glucose, water, lemon juice.
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