Orange marmalade, 240 gr - Antica Confetteria Romanengo



The special Ligurian oranges are processed in the laboratories of the Antica Confetteria Romanengo and are transformed into a fresh jam perfect for spreading on toast and bread, but also for making delicate sweet recipes.

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From the juice of fresh Ligurian oranges, the Pietro Romanengo confectionery creates the delicious jam, enriched by the peels of Sicilian "Navel" oranges, cut into fillets, which balance the taste with a hint of bitterness.

The orange belongs to the Ligurian confectionery tradition defined as "Le pays où fleurit l'oranger". The oranges chosen by Pietro Romanengo still come from the Ligurian Riviera today.
Sugar, fresh oranges, water, lemon juice. Gelling agent: pectin.
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