Distilled orange blossom water, 100 ml - Antica Confetteria Romanengo



This distilled orange blossom water represents the fruit of the experience and expertise of the professionals at the Antica Confetteria Romanengo in Genoa.

Small and fragile orange flowers release an intense aroma: in the kitchen, a few drops are enough to obtain the desired effect.

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Distilled orange blossom water is a true Italian excellence, Slow Food Presidium.

To make distilled orange blossom water, they are picked in spring: one by one with a slow manual movement and they are dropped onto jute canvases, to prevent them from being ruined by the friction caused by the fall. Once the collection process is completed, they are passed into the classic steel still for distillation, which lasts hours.
These small white flowers are distilled with passion and experience in Vallebona (Imperia) by the Guglielmi family who have been doing this activity for 160 years.
bitter orange flowers.
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