Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil - 0.5 l


Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained from Taggiasca olives.

Gentle scent and sweet taste.

Pretty bottle, for a welcome gift.

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18,50 €

Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil of superior quality processed using only the best Taggiasca variety olives, carefully selected.

The taste is sweet with almond notes. The graceful scent makes it stand out as a condiment for raw foods and delicately flavored dishes.

Cold pressing is one of the mechanical methods of oil extraction and does not include any chemical treatment.
With cold pressing, the olives are ground with large stone wheels which, moving very slowly, crush the fruit without raising its temperature and therefore without altering the flavor and organoleptic properties of the oil thus extracted.
Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil.

Store away from light sources, in a cool and dry temperature.
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