Trombetta zucchini in olive oil, 180 gr



Feature west of Liguria has a delicate green color and a crisp texture, with firmer flesh than other varieties of zucchini.

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The zucchini trumpet was probably introduced by sailors who brought from their travels exotic fruits and curious.

It is "trumpet" named for its long, thin appearance. It is harvested before the complete ripening and this guarantees a taut and fresh peel, while the pulp is soft and compact. It is not for nothing compared to traditional aqueous. It has a delicate but distinctive, much higher than conventional.

Here is proposed extra virgin olive oil suitable for a Mediterranean appetizer, stuff a gourmet sandwich or salad vegetables or rice / pasta.

The collection "The Sailing Ships" is the line up of red that offers the best products of the Ligurian cuisine and pastry. In fact in this line it wanted to be one of the most significant peridodi the maritime history of Liguria and Genoa, namely that of brigs paintings from mid-nineteenth century by Domenico Gavarrone.

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