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Obtained from our sun-dried Tomatoes, which we cure the whole process of processing from the fresh product to its invasion into Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Dry tomato cream is a typical Mediterranean food, where the particular climatic conditions allow it.

In particular, the tomatoes we propose are dried in the greenhouse, in the area of ​​the empire, and processed from the fresh tomato. The fact that you do not use the dried tomato in an industrial way is surely the plus of our tomatoes.

In fact, they do not undergo any preservation or "seasoning" in plastic bags, but rather, as soon as they reach the right degree of drying, they are immediately invaded, keeping them soft and polish.

This dried tomato cream can be used to make croutons and canapes, but also to accompany cold and boiled meats or to prepare rolls.

Absolutely to try!

The "I Velieri" collection is the line of Rossi that offers the best products of the Ligurian gastronomy and pastries. In fact, this line was intended to represent one of the most significant peridods of the history of the Ligurian and Genoese navies, that of the brigands painted by the mid-eighteenth century by Domenico Gavarrone.

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