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This delicate cream in Olive Oil has become a classic on every table.

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The birth of Cream of artichokes is relatively new but has been met with great success. It too has become a classic of the Ligurian production, and its use is eclectic. From the classic accompaniment to cold meats and boiled meats, white meats, roasts or addition to stuffed with vegetables and for filling rolls and sandwiches.

The artichoke cream was delicious to taste the bread, as tempting appetizer with breadsticks or on pasta.

The collection "The Sailing Ships" is the line up of red that offers the best products of the Ligurian cuisine and pastry. In fact in this line we wanted rappresnetare one of the most significant peridodi the maritime history of Liguria and Genoa, namely that of brigs paintings from the mid nineteenth century by Domenico Gavarrone.

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