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Traditionally served at Easter (and in important family dinners) the "Pasqualina" is the most famous Genoese vegetable pie.

Our Pasqualina cake, which we prepare in our sciamadda (the typical Genoese chip shop, where fried foods, cakes and focaccias are served) on the day of departure of your order so that you can enjoy it as if it were a very simple home delivery of food, only that in this case the delivery man will have traveled a few hundred kilometers in the end...
Like all the more traditional dishes, even for the Pasqualina, each one has its own recipe: the hard-boiled eggs hidden inside are inevitable but then we could discuss the rest for years, between the number of sheets and which ingredients of the filling (for us in this season chard and cheese). Among other things, with the fact that our Pasqualina is not a mass-produced industrial product, it will always be good every time but a little different, as it should be for a hand-made savory pie in the sciamadda.

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Try the Pasqualina cake, the typical Genoese vegetable savory pie traditionally served at festive lunches (and not just for Easter!) You can buy an Pasqualina pie made in the sciamadda, the characteristic street bakery where you they sell focaccia, fried food, quiches and porridge.

The history of the Pasqualina cake

Vegetable savory pies are one of the most typical symbols of Ligurian gastronomy. Already in the Renaissance we can find evidence of the Genoese gattafure, pies filled with chard or onions with two overlapping sheets of pasta. The gattafure are the daily food of the time, what was sold and served in the taverns in and around Genoa; meanwhile these cakes evolve and always develop new variants (with rice or mushrooms or other herbs, most likely with the "preboggion", the hat name with which the various Ligurian wild herbs are identified); at the base there is always the presence of the most typical fresh cheese, namely the prescinseua.

The real name of Torta Pasqualina, which is linked to the Easter festivities but as we were saying is a cake for daily use that is eaten all year round, however it seems that it only began to take hold in the nineteenth century, with the famous cookbooks - del Ratto and del Rossi - which contributed to founding the Genoese gastronomic tradition: in these cookbooks we have a distinction that will be lost over the years, i.e. the name Pasqualina identifies the vegetable and cheese pies in which the two ingredients are distinct in two layers while the cappuccina (or cappuccia), the beets - or artichokes - and the prescinseua are mixed together, a distinction that has now been lost. The Easter cake, since it is one of the main courses for festive lunches - both at Easter and at Christmas - as well as being made at home, it can still be found for sale in delicatessens and sciamadde.

What is a shamadda?

A show of fried foods, cakes, porridges and focaccias. These are the sciamadde, the Genoese street fry shops, which with their counters overflowing with trays are among the most characteristic and evocative corners of the city. Here we make our real and authentic Pasqualina cake.

Fresh and artisanal specialty, for delivery during the week order by Tuesday.
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