Leek cake - 310 gr


The Ligurian Leek Cake belongs to the traditional "gattafure" produced in the region, filled cakes that in their simplicity reflect the genuineness and goodness of local products.

The characteristic sweet taste of the leek, rich in beneficial properties, goes perfectly with the acidity of the fresh cheese. This cake is perfect as a single dish to be enjoyed at the table, at room temperature, but it is also excellent for a packed lunch or in the office.

Diameter 16cm

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6,80 €

Try the Leek cake, one of the traditional Ligurian cakes. You can buy it online and receive this specialty directly at your home.

The history of Leek Cake

As often happens for many recipes, the origin of this Leek pie is not certain, already in the Middle Ages vegetable pies were prepared such as onions and leeks, expertly conceived as a single dish that was inexpensive and practical to eat.

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