Baciocca cake (potatoes, onion, lard), 310 gr



Baciocca cake is a Ligurian specialty ideal to be enjoyed as a single dish to be consumed at the table which is also perfect for a picnic.

Like all traditional dishes, even for Baciocca, there is no ingredient that does not have its own reason. There are several variants, but they all have some local ingredients in common, such as the inevitable mountain potatoes. Another undisputed star are onions, accompanied by lard and ricotta. The traditionally used cooking method deserves special mention, Baciocca, in fact, was cooked inside a cast iron or terracotta bell that acts as a cover for the "testu", the text, a plate also made of cast iron. Our Baciocca is not an industrial product produced in series, so every time it will always be good but a little different as it should be for a handmade savory pie.

Diameter 16 cm

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6,80 €

Try the Baciocca cake, the traditional cake from eastern Liguria. You will be able to purchase it online and receive a traditional Ligurian cake, still produced by hand, directly because of you.

The history of the Baciocca cake

In the Ligurian oral tradition, the name of this specialty mostly refers to what could be defined as the Ligurian version of the Rape of the Sabine Women. This version claims that this cake was invented in the last century, thanks to an Emilian culinary contamination in the neighboring areas of Prato Sopralacroce, a hamlet of Borzonasca. According to this legend, some Ligurians residing in these areas went up the sources of the Taro to kidnap some girls in Santa Maria del Taro, called "kisses" because of their beauty and their skill in making this recipe. In reality it seems that these girls voluntarily decided to move to Ligurian territory and get married. Legends aside, the fact is that the "baciocche" brought with them the flavors linked to the recipes of their country of origin, including that of the famous potato and onion pie which quickly spread throughout the Tigullio.

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