Onion and cheese savoury cake, 310 gr



The savory vegetable pies represent the true Ligurian gastronomic tradition, recipes that in their different incarnations and versions date back at least to the Renaissance made with pasta sheets and stuffed with seasonal vegetables and cheese, which at the time were cooked in texts or pans: they were the gattafure from which all the current Genoese vegetable savory pies descend (the most famous is certainly the pasqualina cake). Onion pie is great as an appetizer, brunch, packed lunch or in the office. It should be brought to the table at room temperature. The flavor is typical, in perfect balance between the sweetness of onion and the acidity of fresh cheese.

Diameter 16 cm

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This onion pie is ready to bring to the table! Our advice is to enjoy it at room temperature, so remove it from the fridge in time before enjoying it. Excellent both as an appetizer and as a main dish, for a packed lunch or a midday break in the office. The onion pie is part of the typical Genoese savory pies that originate from the Renaissance gattafure, puff pastry pies filled with seasonal vegetables and fresh cheese: already at the time, the variations were different based on the ingredients available at the time and they were served in local taverns; then over time the Genoese savory pies (the most famous is certainly the Easter cake) became one of the symbolic dishes of the sciamadde, the traditional bakeries where you could find focaccia, farinata and cakes.
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