Rice cake, 310 gr



The Rice Cake is inextricably linked to traditional Ligurian cuisine. Ideal to be enjoyed as a single dish to be consumed at the table, it also turns out to be an excellent packed lunch.

Like the other "gattafure" or traditional stuffed cakes, sold in the Genoese "sciamadde", there are also different variations for the Rice Cake according to the production area, where the main ingredient is rice, traditionally boiled in milk.

Diameter 16 cm

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6,80 €

Try the rice cake, the famous traditional Ligurian cake. You can purchase it online and receive this specialty directly because of you.

The history of Rice Cake

Queen of the "poor" recipes, the Rice Cake owes its origin to the wise inventiveness of the dozens of Genoese women who transformed themselves into pickers to contribute to the maintenance of their families, starting from the valleys of the Ligurian hinterland to work on the harvest in the Novara area and in the Vercelli area, where they were also partly repaid with the rice harvested. Furthermore, Ligurian rice was already known due to maritime trade, and in fact it was widely exploited in the kitchen, commonly cooked in milk, it was therefore not wasted when it was left over, thus becoming an excellent base for a filling, adding cheese, a little ' of pepper and some aromatic herbs.
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