Basil Bauletto


Because basil is always good, even in desserts!

This box is a leavened pastry filled with basil water cream, with a fresh flavor and rich aromas.

The basil water with which we make the basil custard is a water produced by steam extraction from the fresh leaves: this very particular process allows you to maintain the original, delicate and elegant aroma of the basil. A new milestone for Rossi 1947 in the research on the infinite potential of the most important aromatic plant of our lands.

Excellent dessert both as a dessert (for festive lunches and dinners) and as a delicious breakfast.

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26,50 €

Rossi 1947 Basil Bauletto is a leavened cake filled with basil water custard. Exclusive novelty for Christmas 2022, it is the perfect dessert for the festive table, a leavened pastry with a soft dough, which with its fresh flavor will be a real pleasure to eat a slice at the end of a meal. Excellent both as a dessert and as a tasty breakfast.

The basil water with which the custard is made is a water produced naturally by steam extraction from the fresh basil leaves; this process faithfully reproduces the ancient artisanal distillation method of essences from flowers and herbs: by steam distilling, the aroma of basil does not undergo any alterations but is kept pure in its bouquet, the most refined and elegant of aromatic plants.

An exclusive novelty inside the Rossi 1947 Basil Bauletto package is the precious basil water spray bottle, an innovative touch to make this delicious dessert even more irresistible. The spray has the fresh and elegant aroma of basil water, which releases its scent as soon as it is sprayed on the custard filling the Bauletto, giving it an an even more intense and fragrant flavour, but it can also be an original idea to use for create unique cocktails
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