Low Genoese pandolce with rose aroma, 300 gr. – Rossi


An ancient sweet rolls, and not "made old"! It 'a sweet bread whose recipe has never been changed over time.

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The Genoese Pandolce alla rosa is a rarity that we offer to amaze your guests. It is typically consumed during the Christmas holidays. With this recipe we have reconciled many people to this dessert of the Genoese tradition. According to tradition, when the classic Genoese pandolce opens, a slice must be kept aside for the poor and one for the 3 February, San Biagio. According to some, the birth of this pandolce is due to a Doge of the Republic of Genoa who launched a competition between the master pastry chefs of Genoa to create a sweet representative of the wealth of Genoa that was nutritious, long-lasting and suitable for long sea trips.
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