Selection of pastries, 500 gr - Antica Confetteria Romanengo



The "confectioner’s shop sweets" represent the crowning of the experience acquired over decades by Romanengo laboratories.

In this tray you will find:
  • Truffles of chocolate
  • New "pastine" (almond paste pastries)
  • Chocolate cherries
  • Almond paste canestrelli scented with orange flowers
  • Nazzarolle (pastries with chestnut cream)
  • Pastine al Rhum
  • Chestnuts (pastries with brown and caramel)

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33,00 €

The Antica Confetteria Romanengo needs no introduction: known throughout the Genoese hinterland (and beyond), it is considered a point of reference for all lovers of confectionery products.

The santé chocolate truffles, the caramelized and chocolate-covered fruit, the famous almond paste, the pastries made with chestnut cream, are just some of the Romanengo delicacies.
The orange blossom water is distilled from an ancient distillery in western Liguria, the almond paste produced directly in Romanengo, as well as the candied and caramelized fruit; craftsmanship and the high quality of raw materials are the company's distinctive features.
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