Baci di Dama, 200 gr



Biscuits cooked in a wood oven, with hazelnuts and chocolate. Biscuits originated in the Ligurian hinterland when it was still far beyond the present borders, recalls in its composition one of the most traditional products of those lands: hazelnut.

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Baci di dama are typical Ligurian naturalized Piedmontese pastries made up of two puddles of chocolate paste, like two lips kissing, followed by the name of a lady kiss.

The fragrance and friability of pastry pie contrasts with hazelnut cream that makes each bite a unique experience.

Lady kisses are part of that dry pastry that should never fail when we serve a coffee or a tea to friends.

We propose them in different sizes of 200 gr. And 400 gr. Reclaimed in the classic straw paper that was used by the old Ligurian confectionery.

Type 0 flour, butter, sugar, hazelnuts, egg yolk, filling (hazelnut spreadable cream): sugar, vegetable fats, hazelnut paste (14%), lactose, powdered milk, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier: lecithin of soy.
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