Pandolce Genovese "High", 500 gr


The most ancient and noble Genoese sweets

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The festivities include a gentle Genoese tradition whose origins are very distant in time: the Dessert. Also, like many others is derived from the bread. Currently the Pandolce to divide into two types, the oldest, sourdough, made with the growing and that more recently, bass, whose rising takes place with the baking powder directly into the oven and requires lower fifths proving times. Our Dessert follows carefully the ancient preparation procedure passed down over time, this requires three days of work, and this explains why today is less and less followed by modern manufacturers. Before you work the dough and let it rest for a night, the morning following the shooting and always kneading I add pine nuts, candies, (some recipes advise the fennel and orange flower water) and let it sit still until the third day that is cooked in the traditional wood-fired oven. Keep so long its softness, the ' eyes ' have to be small and the inside moist and rightly so. It has a full flavor and aromatic, given mainly by raisins and pine nuts, butter, fresh and quality altisima.

TYPE 00 FLOUR, BUTTER, sultanas, sugar, MILK, EGGS, candied orange peel, candied diamond citron, glucose-fructose syrup, pine nuts, yeast (disodium diphosphate E450i, sodium acid carbonate E500ii) may contain traces of SULFITES .
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