How'd the fresh Levante, 1 kg



The How'd the are a type of pasta dish-shaped or typical Ligurian levante Medallion.

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Rather thick, are obtained by cutting the pastry with a special wooden tool, tool, you need to give them shape and decor it's discs of dough about 4 cm. in diameter, rather thick, obtained by cutting the pastry with a special wooden tool, which then serves to print over a decoration. On the origin of the name of how'd the there are several theories: some argue that derives from "Chase 's" ancient silver coin of the Republic of Genoa; others from "tough" (slightly hard), others from "crocetto" (from the cross etched on wafers). Once the noble families there in the shape of the coat of arms or were served during religious festivals with imprinted sacred symbols. You can add any sauce, from Pesto sauces of walnuts or pine nuts.

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