Pesto Chips by Pesto Rossi 1947, 45 gr.



The pesto chips with fresh and greedy taste: a breath of Mediterranean for your aperitif. Unable to stop!

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The best potatoes selected by Rossi 1947 are finely seasoned with the most famous of Ligurian sauces: the Pesto genovese. The flavor and freshness of this sauce remain unaltered and exalted by the crispness of these golden chips exclusively in olive oil and sunflower seeds.

Thanks to their thickness they are perfect for creating delicious finger food or tapas. Some idea? Fresh cheese and salmon or marinated fish or salmon eggs.

Ready to Eat monoconfection from 45 gr.

Potatoes, sunflower oil, olive oil, freeze-dried Pesto (DOP Genoese basil 49%, DOP Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, pine nuts 9%, DOP Fiore Sardo cheese, Vessalico garlic) 2.3% (equal to 5.4% of fresh Pesto) , potato maltodextrin, salt, spinach powder, natural flavouring.

To be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light.
  • Genoese Pesto

    Ligurian specialties

    Genoese Pesto
    To date, Pesto is the second most used sauce in the world to season pasta, and the third by diffusion of production.The origin of Genoese pesto dates back a long way and...
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