Basil Genovese DOP - 6 bunches



A sought after and unique flavor, the Genoese DOP basil is considered one of the most valuable aromatic ingredients. It matches beautifully with the salad - never tried with salmon eggs? - that sweet - good with fruit - giving freshness and balance in each recipe.

Six fresh bunches to finally prepare a genuine Genoese pesto.

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Basil Genovese DOP fresh in bouquets, an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen. The delicate aroma is brilliantly mixed with all the flavors, from salty to sweet, balancing every dish: great to enhance the salinity of the sea of ​​fish eggs; to try combining with a delicious strawberry jam.
Unique organoleptic properties make Genoese basil DOP one of the most valuable and versatile aromatic plants, including among the many varieties of balsamic vinegar.

But let's not turn around. If you are looking for the Genoese basil DOP with all probability you want to prepare the great pesto genoese, as we do it from our part ... and if you miss the basil you are sold out! For example, when pesto quickly oxidizes the blame is basil, which has been "grown" badly. Quiet: this is not the case!

Use and storage

So, once you've got your Genoese basil bars DOP, how do you do it? Wash the leaves and then dry without anxiety with disposable paper, just be careful not to press them too much. But if you do not have the intent to use the basil right away, the alternatives we recommend are two and differ from the preparation for which then you will need basil.
If you are pesto-lovers after carefully washing and drying the prepared leaves a base for this oil and salt sauce, put it in a tempered glass jar closed and freeze it. At the time of use you will have to simply thaw the base of the pesto and add the rest of the ingredients: parmesan, pecorino, garlic and chopped pine nuts.
If you do not want to use it in a salsa, wash it and dry the leaves with water, then put them on a baking sheet with foil and put them in a freezer for about two hours. After that, just put the frozen leaves gently in a hermetically sealed container and leave it in the freezer to get the amount you need when you need it.

Keep in the fridge.

Certified by Control Body authorized by MIPAAF.
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