Fresh Genoese pesto without garlic, 480 gr - Rossi 1947


Large format for a great pesto. Ligurian pesto without garlic for those looking for a delicate flavor in their favorite sauce.

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Fresh Genoese pesto without garlic in a jar for 10/12 people. Ligurian pesto is traditionally prepared with garlic having been born precisely as a garlic sauce (the other ingredients arrived later) but this version has been designed to satisfy all those who prefer a more delicate flavor for their favorite sauce . The ingredients we have chosen for this pesto without garlic are the best and the historical ones: in our pesto you will find only DOP cheeses, such as pecorino - which gives so much flavour! - and Parmigiano Reggiano - the king of umami flavour. PDO Genoese basil pesto has always been considered a condiment sauce for pasta, preferably trofie or trenette. But you can also use our traditional pesto to enrich second courses, such as fish: our only recommendation is not to heat it because basil suffers from heat.
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    Genoese Pesto
    To date, Pesto is the second most used sauce in the world to season pasta, and the third by diffusion of production.The origin of Genoese pesto dates back a long way and...
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