Long-lasting Genoese pesto,, 85 g


The Genoese Pesto prepare in their homes! The traditional recipe, one that can be enjoyed in homes and in the best restaurants in Genoa.

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The secret? Our Basil certainly, but also a lot of experience. A fresh pesto, as often happens to taste.

Our recipe is designed to get the highest quality, with full respect of tradition.

The ingredients are:
Genoese Basil dop
Parmigiano Reggiano-24 months of ripening
Extra Virgin olive oil
Pecorino "Fiore Sardo" dop-10 months of age
National Pine Nuts
Vessalico garlic
Trapani sea salt

Roberto Rossi's 1947 Panizza is part of the Organization and President of the jury of the "World Championship of Pesto al Mortaio", genovese but truly global implications. www.pestochampionship.it

Italian extra virgin olive oil, Genoese basil DOP 26%, parmigiano reggiano DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), pine nut, "Fiore Sardo" DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), vegetable fiber, LACTOSE, salt, garlic. Acidify agent: citric acid, antioxidant: acid ascorbic.

To preserve in fresh and dry place. To be consumed within 3 days from the opening.

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