Long-lasting Genoese pesto, 180 gr


The recipe for ever, new shelf life. Make your supplies to be in the pantry ... this is the Genoese ready-to-use pesto that will save your dinner.
Cold salsa of full sapidity, great for exalting the delicate flavor of fish and crustaceans. Try it in black rice salad and shrimp.

Storage: 12 months. For four portions.

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This Genoese Pesto Rossi 1947 is a salsa of great flavor, to season a cold salad of potatoes and green beans, or to combine with fish dishes.
The ability to keep it for several months in the pantry makes it the ideal comfort food, always available for your every need of Pesto Genovese.

You need the right experience in selecting raw materials and a clear idea of ​​the result you want to achieve. The bond with the territory and the "savoir faire" handed down from generation to generation does not stop suddenly. The recipe is that of always, respecting tradition, to change is just the balance between the ingredients to make it easier to keep, which reaches up to twelve months.

The fresh Genoese pesto Rossi 1947 is considered one of the best and the best in Genoa means to be the best everywhere.

Italian extra virgin olive oil, Genoese basil DOP 26%, parmigiano reggiano DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), pine nut, "Fiore Sardo" DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), vegetable fiber, LACTOSE, salt, garlic. Acidify agent: citric acid, antioxidant: acid ascorbic.

To preserve in fresh and dry place. To be consumed within 3 days from the opening.

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