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Of our tomatoes we take care of the whole production process: from fresh to your potting in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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The dried tomatoes are a typical food of the Mediterranean area, where the particular climatic conditions allow. In particular tomatoes are esssicati propose that in the greenhouse, in the area of Imperia and processed from fresh tomato.

Failure to use the industrially dried tomato is definitely the plus of our tomatoes. Not in fact undergo any preservative treatment or "seasoning" in plastic bags but rather, Appera reach the right degree of drying, they are immediately invasettati, maintaining softness and fleshiness.

Must try!

They are a great appetizer, to accompany cold meats and boiled, for the preparation of sandwiches.

Dried tomatoes 49%, Extra virgin olive oil (originally) 47%, sea salt, wine vinegar, garlic, acidifier E270.

May contain traces of nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place.
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