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The pansotti are a "skinny" version of ravioli, characterized by stuffing made with "prebuggiun", the legendary blend of wild herbs.

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Are fairly recent, the concept that a reporter of the newspaper "Il Secolo XIX" of Genoa, called them "bizarre foods" to one of their first appearances in 1961, presented by Chef recchese "Manuelina" Gastronomic Festival of Nerves. Resemble large ravioli or tortelli and have the stuffing separately, when you can with preboggiun, mixture of wild greens such as sow thistle, Borage, rampion, canine teeth; When this is not possible with Borage and Swiss chard. Either way the vegetables are chopped and amalgamate with ricotta or curd cheese, eggs, a bit of garlic and sometimes some herb. Their full flavor, mushy, soft, with rustic fragrances sottolienate by nut sauce dressing, the more congenial and even the only permissible gastronomically.

Ingredients: Italian soft WHEAT flour type «00», Italian durum WHEAT semolina, spinach, ricotta (cow's and sheep's MILK whey, whole MILK, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid), EGGS from free-range hens, Grana Padano DOP (MILK, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from EGGS), breadcrumbs (soft WHEAT flour «0», brewer's yeast, salt), marjoram, salt, garlic.

May contain traces of soy, celery, shellfish and fish.

Fresh product keep refrigerated.
If desired, they can be frozen and consumed within a month.

Ponte Carrega Pass 62Q/r - Genoa
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