Pansoti with preboggion and prescinsêua, 1 kg


Pansoti are a "lean" version of ravioli, characterized by a filling based on "preboggion", a legendary Genoese mixture of wild herbs (embellished with prescinsêua cheese and Vessalico garlic).

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These Pansoti with preboggion and prescinsêua are born from the selection of local ingredients from wild herbs and garlic from Vessalico.

Due to their characteristic shape, pansoti are similar to large pot-bellied ravioli or tortelli and are filled exclusively with lean meat (therefore without meat), with a selection of local wild herbs (called "preboggion") and cheese. They have a delicate flavor with rustic references highlighted by the classic combination with Genoese walnut sauce. A tip: if you find that the walnut sauce is too thick for your tastes, thin it with a little cooking water but do not heat or cook!
Ingredients. Pasta: Italian soft WHEAT flour, water, Italian durum WHEAT semolina, EGGS.

Filling: preboggion (mixture of herbs in variable proportions: dandelion, wild radicchio, borage, scixerbua) (29% of the total), spinach, ricotta (whey, MILK, salt), Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (MILK, salt, rennet ), breadcrumbs (soft WHEAT flour «0», brewer's yeast, salt), prescinsêua (MILK, MILK cream, salt, rennet, lactic ferments) (3% of the total), salt, marjoram, Vessalico garlic ( 0.5% of the total).

May contain traces of soy, celery, fish and shellfish. If desired they can be frozen and consumed within a month.
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