Chocolate heart filled with Ginevrine, 150 gr - Valentine's Day package


The perfect romantic gift for Valentine's Day. The heart of Rossi 1947 combines the sweetness of chocolate with a unique surprise inside: ginevrine, traditional Genoese sweets made of sugar, made manually one by one.

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Each heart is a handcrafted masterpiece that reflects the love and care dedicated to every single detail, giving emotions to those who receive it.
Our chocolate heart with pink Genevans is a small work of art, created with artisanal skill. It starts with selecting high-quality chocolate, expertly tempered to ensure a perfect texture. Genevans, typical Genoese sugar sweets, are processed manually one by one, through a traditional and laborious procedure that preserves their authenticity and sweetness.
Make your Valentine's Day unforgettable with the perfect gift that celebrates love and Italian culinary tradition.
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