Sassello Macaroons Rossi, 200 gr



Soft and delicate, they are still hand-worked, one by one.

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Typical sweet almond-sweet almonds (so not daring, cheaper and more loving). Smooth and delicate, the only ones that are still hand-crafted, one by one. An important feature of this sweet is to not expect flour or stew in the dough.

Sassello's amaretti are a small sweet of Ligurian tradition based on sweet and bitter almonds but without flour.

The recipe was born in the eighteenth century where Ligurian and Piedmont farmers used to plant almond trees near the house both to beautify the garden and to harvest the fruits. When the tree flourished and yielded its fruit, almond production was well beyond the family's needs, and by good Ligurians, the Sassellians sought an adequate solution by creating amaretto.

Since then, the recipe has remained essentially unchanged.

The name Amaretti comes from the use of armellines, that is, the inner core of peaches and apricots, with a very bitter taste that contrasts well with the sweet almond taste.

Sugar, sweet and bitter ALMONDS (40%), EGG white, honey, flavourings.

May contain traces of other NUTS and SULPHITES.

Rossi 1947 - Passo Ponte Carrega 62QR - 16141 - Genoa
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